Blanca FernándezDurán

My first roots grew in southern Spain, in Jerez de la Frontera. This city opened me the doors to yoga by the hand of my parents who, as a baby, took me to yoga classes with the only studio in the area at that time. 


At the age of eighteen I decided to follow my path and I decided to live in different places, to enrich myself as a person and to continue growing. My first stop in Granada, starting my career in Teaching, and finishing it in Barcelona, then in Seville I did Anthropology and two Masters, one in Cultural Management and another in Museology and Museography, working in the art world for two years in this city. With the desire to change culture and continue my career in the art world, I went to London, where I worked as a music producer, both on stages in the city and at Festivals in the United Kingdom. During all these years I was accompanied by my yoga practice and had many super inspiring teachers.



In September 2012, tired of the big city, stress and competitiveness, I picked up my mat and went to California for three months, and then I went to Mexico to celebrate the December solstice of that same year. I travelled all Central America and part of Brazil with my backpack and mat, strengthening my practice, being reborn as a person and channeling my mission.



I returned to London in mid-2013 where I began to teach yoga, and to receive the teachings of the Master Chris Luttichau. And it was on May 1st, 2015 when my great teacher Africa was born, my daughter and life partner. Since her birth, the desire to live in the countryside and in the sunshine flourished, making me return to my land, south of Spain, Vejer de la Frontera. Where my second great teacher would be born at the end of 2016, Luna. Motherhood and yoga have prevailed in Cadiz, opening my yoga room in Vejer on January 15th, 2018 and keeping it up to date.


Since I was born on March 31, 1981 until I was 28 years old I always practiced Hatha and it was then when I would meet Ashtanga, taking with me the practice and discipline in every trip and place. At 37 I started with Vinyasa, thankful for her creativity and flow. Currently I teach these three styles, with which I identify myself xa lot and each style gives me its special flavour. Three styles and one philosophy, Yoga, my daily medicine that connects me with my essence and true self.


My passion, make it easier for everyone who shares my practice, to feel more at peace and calm.