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The main objectives of Yoga are obtained when we begin to listen to our body with respect and sensitivity. That is, our whole being, responding to the present moment with authenticity and full awareness.

It does not matter if it is a slow path: while practicing and walking towards ourselves, the practice of yoga gives us immediate and palpable benefits that have to do with our physical, energetic and mental state.

Yoga classes are much more than an exercise or a simple relaxation.


Hatha Yoga is a form of slower yoga with a slower rhythm, which combines movements with the control of respiration; the slow rhythm helps new practitioners to move correctly with breathing.

By synchronizing body movement and breathing consciously, it decreases the level of stress. It also helps to increase mental clarity, to better manage our emotions, enabling us to relate better to ourselves and others. And for those who want it, it opens a door of reunion with the soul.

Hatha Yoga is recommended for all types of people, independent of age and physical condition. Anyone who is beginning in the practice of Yoga would do well to start with Hatha Yoga due to its ability to embrace all levels, offering variations according to the student.

This class is lead by Blanca Fernandez-Duran

Hatha S
Hatha Flow S

Hatha Flow

It is a dynamic yoga, although it is based on Hatha Yoga and its postures. It is a way to practice yoga, with fluidity by creating a sequence. It gives rise to creativity, being able to create series and sequences of all types.

Connecting the movement to the breath. Each pose is connected to inspiration or expiration and thus unites mind, body and breath.

If what you want is a dynamic and more demanding style than Hatha, but physically less intense than Ashtanga, this is your type of yoga!

Hatha Flow makes Hatha yoga become fluid, connecting postures within a sequence. This style of yoga is perfect for beginners and does not require previous knowledge of yoga.

This class is lead by Blanca Fernández Durán

Ashtanga S


Is a physical yoga style, if what you are looking for is a challenging and demanding practice, this is your style. Although, if you've never practiced any type of yoga perhaps it's not the best to start.

It consists of six series. A series is formed by different asanas that are repeated again and again like a meditation in movement. Unless you complete and have fully learned the first series you can not continue to the next one. Nowadays, few people complete the six series.

This class is lead by Blanca Fernández Durán

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